• DIY- Business Cards With Neon Pink Edges!

    Posted on November 09 2015

    Hey 3RD & HUDSONers!  I have gotten a lot of questions about my business cards so I figured the best way to answer them was to do the 1st ever DIY post on here!  { Confetti explosion!!! Woohoo! } 

    I had been eyeing edge painted business cards for a while & although there are lots of places that provide this service, I always love a DIY project!  I knew I wanted a super clean look for my business cards as they directly represent the company.  As soon as I started designing them, I had my color story down- white, black & pink.  But it took many designs to get to the final result- white with black font & neon pink edges.  

    Once I finalized the design, I uploaded it to www.zazzle.com under their "create" category.  I ordered the "Ultra-Thick Premium Paper, White Core".  They offer regular business cards as well but I chose to pay a little more for the thicker cards.  There is nothing like the feel of a nice sturdy business card in your hand!  

    Note/ back story/ dramatic details:  All pink highlighters are NOT created equal!  LOL!  Finding the right highlighter to do the job was a challenge.  I started the project with one I already had in my collection- Foray liquid highlighter.  It was perfect- neon pink, chisel tip & the ink was not too heavy.  When it dried out, I ran out on a quick errand in search of a replacement but could only find a pack of Sharpie highlighters.  **I had my hungry toddler with me & hungry toddlers are not the most patient :)**.  But I thought- "they're both pink highlighters, they have to be the same, right??"  WRONG!  It was not neon but a darker fuchsia instead.  Don't get me wrong, I'm a hard core fan of every shade of pink, but I wanted neon pink for this project.  I couldn't find the Foray highlighters on my next supply run & ended up purchasing a Sharpie NEON marker.  Another mistake!  There is big difference between markers & highlighters!  Although it was neon pink, it was a much heavier ink which bled through the edges & onto the face of the cards!  EEK!  These 2 mistakes resulted in about 12 casualties.  Poor cards (teardrop...)  After laying these cards to rest, I finally found the Foray highlighters again & was able to finish my cards!  Hey- everything in life is a learning process right?! :)

    Once I started painting the edges, I quickly noticed there was a right way to do it.  I did about 3-4 cards at a time & held them tightly as I painted.  Painting the edges in 1 steady stroke worked best & resulted in a smooth consistent color throughout.  Starting & stopping only led to uneven saturation.  The chisel tip was essential here because the angle allowed me to lightly pass the highlighter over the edges.  The paper took the color immediately like a sponge.  

    After painting, I left them out to dry.  They don't take long at all to dry but I left them out all night just to be sure.  

    That's it!  Seriously!  Done & done!  

    I'm so happy with how they turned out!  Let me know if you have any questions as I very well may have left something out ... since this is my 1st DIY post & all.  ;)

    Until next time insiders!




  • LFW Faves!

    Posted on October 12 2015

    Hey 3RD & HUDSONers!  I know I'm a bit late on London Fashion Week but I have a good excuse (besides being a busy mom!).  I was trying to wait until all of the fashion weeks took place, to then write one blog post on my top 3 picks (choosing only 1 from each of the remaining fashion weeks).  However, that was an epic fail, lol!  With soooo many amazing shows, there was no possible way I could choose just 1 from each fashion week!  So, I decided to split it up by fashion week location & list my 3 faves from each fashion week.  Here are my 3 picks from LFW!

    { Temperley London Spring '16 }  I absolutely adore Temperley London!  Her collections are always stunning & feel like a dream.  Beautiful color stories & elaborate patterns & embroidery.  These feminine silhouettes can make any girl look like a super chic world traveler.  


    { Burberry Prorsum Spring '16 }  I can't get enough of Burberry Prorsum.  I love how they can seamlessly blend modern edge, delicate lace & traditional tailoring.  Never failing to deliver anything but a cool collection.  I chose to show 2 outerwear looks because nobody does a trenchcoat or leather jacket like Burberry Prorsum- #AMAZE.


    { Issa Spring '16 }  I just recently became a fan of Issa & was really drawn to this collection because of all of the fine details incorporated into each look.  These intricate novelties enhanced basic silhouettes & totally changed the game.  Stunning collection.


    Hope you enjoyed reading about my LFW Faves!  Until next time loves!

  • NYFW Faves!

    Posted on September 21 2015

    Hey 3RD & HUDSONers!  As all of you know, NYFW just finished & boy was it FAB!  As excited as I am for Fall to arrive, NYFW always makes me look forward to the upcoming Spring trends.  Check out my 3 fave RTW collections & the top 3 looks in each.

    { Jason Wu Spring '16 }  I adored this show!  So many great looks.  Perfect amounts of black, lace, tweed, luxe knits & flounces made up his beautifully tailored pieces in the most feminine yet edgy way (love that combo).


    { Carolina Herrera Spring '16 }  I can't say I'm surprised at another spectacular collection.  There is no other designer like Carolina Herrera.  This collection stunned with flirty pieces consisting of pleats, shades of pink & pieced fabrics in the most elegant silhouettes.  Just a breath of fresh air. 


    { Marchesa Spring '16 }  I always look to Marchesa for the fairytale- 'cause every girl loves a fairytale.  These designers always deliver the glitz & oh so much glam.  Full of Chantilly lace, feather skirts & beautiful embroidery- all of the ingredients needed for the perfect princess moment or red carpet event.


    On that note, happy Monday!  Hope you all have a super Chic week!



    Posted on August 17 2015

    Hey everyone!  I've totally been stressing about what my 1st actual blog post should be about but I realized I should just get one out & the words would flow.  So here goes...


    I am currently obsessing over my next leather jacket.  I'm already itching for the Fall to arrive & have been daydreaming about it non-stop.  Every girl needs a badass leather jacket.  It's the perfect layer to just throw on over pretty much any outfit.  All moms need easy go-to pieces in their wardrobes that don't take much thought (especially since our minds are continuously multitasking everything on our endless to-do lists).  So when it comes to super cool essentials in my wardrobe that will make my life stylishly easier, I'm all for it!  Take a look at these gorg IT-girls rocking their leather jackets!


    Here are some super fab leather & faux leather options that won't break the bank...

    Zara- $89.90


    Nasty Gal- $118


    Zara- $199


    Rebecca Minkoff- $498


    Now, let's see which one I end up getting!  Which one is your fave?  

    PS- Let me know if you spot a leather that I haven't included here!




  • 1st Post {Pre-launch}

    Posted on July 22 2015



    Hey you guys!   Thanks so much for stopping by our company website!  We are so excited to finally be able to share 3RD & HUDSON with you!  We have been working on our debut high fashion diaper bag - The Harmon Bag - for over 2 years & it is finally ready for it's pre-launch!  Join us & be the first to find out about all of our updates including campaign launch date, referral rewards, discounts & more!  Let's build a huge 3RD & HUDSON family!  Power in numbers baby! 


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