CLOSEOUT SALE: Harmon Bags- $60 per bag | Free shipping on Super Mom Squad tees in the US


Please fill out this form if you're interested in becoming a wholesale customer.  We will review & respond within 2 business days.  Please note- we are currently only accepting wholesale orders within the USA. Thanks in advance!


Wholesale Terms and Conditions:

* Please note, we only allow wholesale orders with stores in the USA. 

* Opening Order: 3 bag minimum.

* Payment Terms: Orders are prepaid by credit card on first orders unless approved otherwise by 3RD & HUDSON.

* Shipping: All orders ship UPS Ground Service unless otherwise agreed upon.

* Issues with Shipment: If there are any issues with the products received, please contact 3RD & HUDSON within 2 days of receipt.

* Intellectual Property: Use of any mark or image requires prior written consent from 3RD & HUDSON.

* Online Retailers: If you would like to sell our products online, you must get our written consent as well as give us notice before launching our products online.

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